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The multi pronged approach for engaging church members has been the greatest evangelistic strategy we have seen in the church world in the past 40 years. Not only has it brought accelerated numerical growth but it has also challenged church members evangelistically. Organizing a church group to the Holy Land gives congregations an opportunity to help fulfill the great commission by inviting their friends, family, and neighbors to come and experience seeing the “Land of the Bible,” with their own eye’s.

Engaging congregation members in financial campaigns are one of those necessary things church leaders do, but they are always a lot of work and not always popular with people. In fact, there are times when members have left a church because they didn’t want to hear the church talk about money. This is where planning church groups to the Holy Land is a different approach to raising money and engaging your Christian community. You focus more on creating an amazing spiritual tour experience and itinerary and not as much about the money side of it all.

You as a church leader work with us, your tour operator to the Holy Land, in establishing the itinerary, working out details, breaking down cost, setting a commission percentage, and deciding on a final tour price that will be promoted for your church group. It is not far fetch that organizing a tour to the Holy Land can raise as much as $10K to $30K for your church per tour departure. In fact, we have several Pastors whom organize as many as three to four tour departures per year, making their church tour events truly financially rewarding.

The best part of it all is congregation members do not see group tour activities as financial campaigns, and not only are you providing a deep spiritual experience for yourself, but for others in your church with an opportunity to explore their spirituality in the Holy Land, and reinforcing, and many times creating a deep connection with the Bible, faith and church congregation, because one thing is to read about places in the Bible, and another is to actually see it with your very own eyes.

Louise B.C. said of her church group experience, “My trip to Israel with Charles Thomas and First Baptist of McDonough church in Georgia, was an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Everyone needs this experience. Our tour was a life changing event as we took the tour “In the Footsteps of Christ,” walking where Christ walked makes the Bible come alive.”

Church leaders have to be willing to trust God and take risks. God challenges us to not fear failure and to move forward with faith. After all it is God’s church, and one has to stop talking about what needs to be done, and just go do it.