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Among all the variety of group tours available in Israel, there is a unique option to build your own tour and customize a private Holy Land trip to Israel visiting, touring, all around the country with a private tour guide in the convenience and comfort of a private car. This tailored made way of touring is ideal for couples, families, and small groups. 

If you prefer to tour the Holy Land by car and not by bus in a group, instead on your own or with family and friends, you have the option to reserve this way of touring with us directly. Known by some as Rent a Guide, our private custom touring includes a deluxe comfortable motor coach specially designed for touring, an Israeli government licensed professional certified tour guide and personal service. 

These private tours are custom made to each individual traveler, as contrary to large Christian group tours to Israel. The private tourist travel according to their custom made itineraries and schedule. It is also important to know a custom tour can be reserved in a modern luxury car, Jeep, and “four by four’s, and other automobile types of your choice. 

Your private car will be driven by an experienced certified licensed Tourist Guide. Your guide will provide a maximized trip experience with full of local, historic, and biblical knowledge in the Holy Land. Touring as a “VIP” in our private custom trips to Israel you’ll receive excellent service, attention to detail, and personal requests and needs for your trip. Private tours in Israel are given by guides with a usual affinity to visitors and extensive knowledge of the country and language you speak. We can arrange a custom tour in English, Spanish or any language you may speak. 

The private touring cars will have the Israeli of Ministry tour logo marking the car. The logo is from the bible and it’s hanging grapes from a pole being carried by two spies, this is when the 12 tribes explore the Promised Land of Israel, known as Canaan at the time, and two spies enter to report to others on the riches of the land. Touring Israel in a private custom tour is more expensive then traveling with a Christian group tour to Israel, however the special care, attention to detail, and touring on your time and schedule is priceless.