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Israel is truly a modern, developed country where you can find and purchase just about anything you need during your visit to Israel. This includes food, medicine, clothing, cosmetics, and any hygiene products.

It’s important to remember when visiting holy places in Israel, modest dress attire (no shorts or sleeveless shirts), and head covering is required, hats for men and shoulder covering for women. 

If you travel to Israel during the summer it is best to bring light clothing such as short sleeves, shorts, sandals, cool comfortable shoes, beach shoes, and bathing suit. However it’s also smart to bring a light sweater and or jacket, because at nights and specially in the mountains and desert areas it can cool down in the evenings and night. 

When visiting on a Christian Holy Land tour in Israel during the winter, bring warm clothing, a warm coat, good shoes, gloves, a scarf, a warm head cover or hat, and we also suggest a raincoat, and umbrella. Weather in Israel is not as cold as Europe, but you could get rain and chilly cold weather. In the winter don’t forget to also pack regular warm clothing, for the warm sunny days in the winter, and as well as the warm weather in the Dead Sea and Eilat

Bring a light small bag or backpack for day trips, excursions, and Israel tours. If you visit the Dead Sea, and Eilat remember to bring your bathing suits anytime during the year, because it’s usually warm enough to swim here even in the middle of winter. 

Don’t forget to bring sun protection. It’s essential to have sunscreen, a cap or sun hat, and sunglasses during the entire year.