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The Jordan River or River Jordan is a 156 mile long river flowing to the Dead Sea. Yardenit is perhaps one of the most important places during a Holy Land Israel tour for pilgrims. The Jordan River is where Jesus was Baptized by John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in shape of a dove.

Here in Yardenit you will find Christian pilgrims on their Holy Land trips in inspirational baptismal ceremonies, and Christian believers touching the waters of the river and in prayer. The baptismal site is on the banks of the Jordan River surrounded by majestic eucalyptus trees, and a beautiful river flora.

Besides the importance of being the traditional baptizing place for Jesus, the Jordan River is mentioned several times throughout the Bible in the New Testament, with the ministries and teachings of John the Baptists, as well as the prophets of Elijah and Elisha mentioned in the New Testament.

The Jordan River is mentioned as early as the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament where its beautiful vegetation and flora are tied together to those of the “Garden of God”. When Jacob in the bible was renamed Israel at the river of Jabbok, it’s a reference to the Jordan River. This important place in the bible is also mentioned in the book of Joshua, when the Jordan was parted for the Israelites to cross to the Promise Land, similar to the Red Sea partying when Moses freed the Israelites from the Pharaoh.