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The medieval fortress, and an ancient citadel is located near the Jaffa Gate known as the "Tower of David," a national treasure of great historical and archaeological significance to Israel, and a historical entrance to the Old City, a symbol of Israeli patriotism for generations, and a wonderful “thing to do” on your Israel tour.

The fortress that stands today dates to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. It was constructed on the site of a prior old fortress of the Hasmonean, Herodian, Byzantine and Early Muslim era, in the wake of being demolished more than once amid the most recent Crusader battles in the Holy Land against Ayyubid and Mamluk rulers. It contains essential archeological discoveries including a quarry dated to the First Temple era.

At the Tower of David Museum you'll be taken back to Jerusalem's amazing history. Opened in 1989 by the Jerusalem Foundation, upon entering you'll notice a Dale Chihuly chandelier hanging from the entrance hall, and soon also you'll realize that every stone of the museum is part of a living Jerusalem rich history. The museum is a series of chambers in the original citadel, and includes a courtyard containing archeological ruins going back more then 2,700 years.

Your visit to the Tower of David can commence with a spectacular view of Jerusalem from the top of the tower. The museum exhibits also depict more then 4,000 years of Jerusalem's history, from its birth as a Canaanite city to modern day. Utilizing maps, tapes, 3D images, drawings and models, the exhibition rooms each show Jerusalem under its different rulers.

The five hundred year old walls are originally part of a Turkish citadel, and it's tower built up so high with walls so large that those living in Jerusalem at the time named it after their great King David, "The Tower of David," despite the tower being built by King Herod.

The Jerusalem Foundation, states it has received well over 3.5 million visitors to the museum. While most Christian tours to Israel don't typically include the museum in their itineraries, most trips do provide at least one day of leisure in Jerusalem, and many pilgrims take full advantage of their leisure time by visiting the museum.

The museum also uses its unique floor-space for multi-sensory exhibits by leading artists from Israel and the world. This amazing museum also hosts "Night Spectacular," an annual sound and light show where the entire citadel is lit up with incredible light designs.

You can learn more about museum at: Tower of David │Museum of the History of Jerusalem