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Magdala also called Dalmanutha is located in the Sea of Galilee, a major 1st century port, and a focal point of exchange and trade, known for Mary Magdalene being born in this wealthy trading and fishing center (Mark 8:10 ; Matthew 15:39 , Luke 8:2 ). The port was a major exporter of salted fish to business sectors as far away as Europe. Archaeological discoveries in the 21st century have made it a Israel Christian pilgrimage tour destination.

Mount Zion, also written as Sion, in the Old Testament became a symbol and metaphor for the Promise Land, the Land of Israel. In the New Testament Mount Zion metaphorically is referred as the heavenly Jerusalem, God's eternal holy city.

Staying in Israel, an ideal pilgrimage tour to Israel can be followed in one week (6/7 nights), although pilgrimages do range from 5 to 15 nights, or even longer, some may include an excursion or a few days in Jordan. The itinerary should be planned around touring priorities, budget limitations considering hotel categories and, needless to say, the religious traditions and beliefs stay and a more relaxed pace. You’ll find Christian tours, Jewish tours, and general tours to Israel to select from.