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The Best Time to Visit the Holy Land

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The climate in Israel is comfortable throughout the year. The autumn and spring seasons are transient and often not even felt, leaving the country with long hot summer and a short winter rain can be plentiful, but usually is intermittent.

Between April to September, when rain hardly ever falls, Israel boasts temperatures that range from pleasantly cool in the hilly regions in the evenings to hot and sunny during the day. In low lying regions like the Dead Sea or Tiberias, they can range 35-40ºC (about 95ºF) at midday. The season running from October to March is more varied. Depending on the region, winter can mean a temperate sun with some rain, or biting winter winds and even occasional snow showers in the higher elevations. On the other hand, it is usually possible to swim in the Dead Sea even in the heart of winter, and sometimes in the Mediterranean Sea too. When it comes to climate, any times is a good time to visit the holyland.

Other factors too may affect the timing of a pilgrimage. Budget-conscious groups are far more likely to travel during the traditional low season, from November to February (except Christmas and New Years holiday in parts of the country), when rates for land arrangements and airfare may be significantly lower – though with the increase of pilgrimage travel to Israel in recent years, this is not always true anymore. March to October is still considered regular season, with some high peaks. Also as the result of the large increase in pilgrimage travel to Israel recently, groups wishing to spend Christmas or Easter in the Holy Land should expect to pay top rates and are urged to plan well in advance, as demand may outweigh supply.

It is a good idea to take local holidays and their customs into consideration when planning a pilgrimage to Israel. Jewish festivals can add a distinctive flavor to a stay in Israel, even if it does mean that only unleavened bread (“matza”) is available at hotels during the seven days of Passover or that there is no transportation for more than 24 hours on the Day of Atonement and just about everything will be closed.

Average monthly temperatures:


Low / High


January 42° / 60° 18%
February 42° / 62° 19%
March 45° / 67° 13%
April 51° / 76° 5%
May 56° / 83° 1%
June 62° / 87° 0%

Low / High


July 66° / 90° 0%
August 66° / 89° 0%
September 63° / 87° 0%
October 59° / 82° 3%
November 51° / 73° 17%
December 44° / 63° 0%
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